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JRR uses the best river equipment available as compared to other liveries using "economy priced" gear. Our kayaks, rafts, paddles, and canoes are made of the toughest and most durable state of the art materials. Below you will find a brief description of how we coordinate your choice of river excursions.

**All participants MUST be off river and checked in by 6PM sharp...expensive late charges apply after 6PM.**

Reservations are strongly recommended especially for Saturdays, Sundays, and holiday when we do get completely booked at times. To reserve immediately, call us at 434-286-2338 between 8am and 6pm. There are times that we get booked on all of our equipment and it would be unfortunate if you were to arrive and we had no equipment available! Please note that you will be held accountable for the equipment you reserve especially on Saturdays when we tend to book out a week in advance. This is why it is so important to call a day before your trip to confirm your reservation.Total amount of trip fee required as deposit for guaranteed reservations. Payment by cash, credit card, travelers checks, money orders, or personal checks. Last minute cancellations or "no shows" will forfeit any deposits submitted. Cancellations must be made 10 more more days in advance to receive refunds. Without deposit of trip fee NOTHING is guaranteed.


** Group rates will only be honored with prior reservations and all waivers and money turned in at one time for all participants by a group leader. The responsibility of organizing the group and collecting all waivers/money lies within the group and there must be ONE person for contact as the group leader to coordinate with us to minimize confusion within reservations. Please DO NOT have individual members of a group send in separate checks or call to change the reservation.

In order to save time and trouble we highly recommend that all of our clients (especially large groups and those having children under the age of 18 attending) go to the release page/waiver form, print the page, read carefully, and sign the agreement. You must list children who are under the age of 18 and are under adult’s supervision. This is especially important for those groups with children under the age of 18 and will need parental permission to attend the outing with other adults or groups. Then bring the waiver along with you to James River Runners, LLC and have your group leader turn in all waiver forms and money at one time.

We reserve the right to cancel any trip due to weather or river conditions and if we cancel, trip members receive full refund or may reschedule without penalty; otherwise trips run rain or shine! Call for river report prior to your trip concerning our vicinity forecasts regarding weather and river conditions. YOU MUST BE IN GOOD ENOUGH PHYSICAL SHAPE AND BE ABLE TO SWIM TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF OUR EXCURSIONS!

It is important to call for river report and to re-confirm your reservations ONE day in advance. Your arrival 1/2 hour before the scheduled trip time is required. All trips WILL LEAVE at the assigned trip time! Do not bring pets, styrofoam coolers, or glass. Alcoholic beverages and/or drugs are not compatible with river recreation. All participants are required to be ABLE TO SWIM, be in good physical condition, and wear appropriate footwear (ie: tennis shoes, aqua socks, etc. NO flip-flops) to experience any of our excursions. As in any outdoor sport, there are inherent risks present, seen or unseen, that may cause injury or death. James River Runners, LLC assumes no liability for injuries or lost personal possessions by those who participate. The sole responsibility for personal safety lies with the participant.

NOTICE: All participants are REQUIRED to be off river by 6PM in order to conform to our safety procedures. Vehicles remaining in our parking area after 7PM will be subject to towing at owner's expense.

Upon your arrival you start by checking in with the reservation desk, then each person in your party is required to read and sign our ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RENTOR'S AGREEMENT. Maps of your excursion will be provided as well as a trip briefing before your self guided trip. We will then proceed upstream from our convenient riverside location to your desired put-in spot. Riverside paddling tips and helpful hints are offered upon arrival at your put in spot. You then float back to our location (eliminating any worry about a pick-up schedule) using our maps as a reference as to how far you have gone and how far you have to float back to Hatton Ferry. We require all equipment to be checked in by 6PM at the latest ($40 per hour late fees in effect). All tubes, paddles, and life jackets are required to be returned to the office area after your trip. Our staff takes care of unloading and loading all heavier equipment.

It is important to call our office the day before your trip to check on river and weather conditions. Trips on The James River may be cancelled if conditions are unsuitable. When this occurs our Rockfish River excursion may be available for rafts, kayaks, and canoes ONLY. In MOST cases this information will be available when you call to check on conditions the day before your trip. There are times that severe weather will occur during the night before your scheduled excursion which may cause us to cancel any or all trips.

Be sure to bring protection for any gear you don't want to get wet ( 5 gallon buckets with lids and handles works well in canoes and rafts ), sunscreen and hats to protect from sunburn, and/or fishing gear (we do not sell fishing licenses or rods, reels, lures, or bait). You should not take valuables on-river (expensive cameras, jewelry, car keys, etc.). EVERYONE must be able to swim and have suitable footwear, ie: Tevas, aqua socks, tennis shoes, or any type of lace up shoe. Flip flops are not acceptable.  

 Professional Affiliations and Community Service Actions
Virginia Professional Paddlesports Assoc. (Board of Directors)
Charlottesville-Albemarle Chamber of Commerce

Virginia Adopt a Highway Program
Dept. Of Conservation and Recreation Adopt a Stream Program
Fall River Renaissance Program
Operation Spruce-Up

Of course, there are other activities associated with our trips on the river! Just !!


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