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We currently have used Momentum Swift rafts for sale. Please call to check our available inventory and prices. 434-286-2338.

Our top of the line used ABS Royalex canoes may be on sale in the early spring of 2012 (all quoted prices are subject to 5% Virginia sales tax). These 16 foot Camper models from Old Town Canoe Company have been our top choice for rentals and are touted as the best family canoe that Old Town manufactures. We do several alterations to the canoes once we receive them. This includes adding end loop ropes at the bow and stern and drilling holes in the top of the bow and stern ends and also the end caps of each canoe to allow for sufficient drainage when the canoe is hoisted. Old Town Campers are well known for their versatility, superior stability, maneuverability, and durability in our demanding rental business.

Generally, these Camper model canoes now sell new at a retail price of over $1600. Physical conditions of each canoe for sale are, of course, different. All Royalex canoes eventually need application of kevlar "skid pads" to prevent wear at the bow and stern areas. Depending on consumer abuse, some will need the pads after a period of rough usage. In most cases, damage to canoes will occur more OFF river than on river. This is due to canoeists dragging their canoe (sometimes fully loaded with gear) on the gritty concrete, asphalt, or sand located at most put in and take out spots. Another way to damage an ABS canoe would be to locate the craft too near a heat source such as a campfire, propane stove, or camp lantern.

Royalex ABS is a thermoplastic laminate manufactured by Uniroyal. It is an exceptionally tough multi-laminate composed of ABS plastic, ABS foam, and cross linked vinyl skin. A flat sheet of Royalex is heated in an oven and then vacuum formed into a canoe hull. Hardware is then attached to make the strongest canoes available. Each manufacturer specifies the make up of the Royalex used in their boats as well as the colors, hardware used, and design of the mold.

Royalex's big advantage is strength and durability. Major repairs are seldom needed but can be easily made. Abrasion at each end is the only real problem in normal use (dragging on pavement, sand, and concrete ramps) and this can be significantly reduced by using Kevlar skid plates. Royalex canoes are tough, flexible, and durable. It is the best material for whitewater canoes or any boat that will be used on rocky rivers. This is especially true in central Virginia where there is a wealth of large and small rivers containing abrasive rocks in their generally shallow waters.

The prices do NOT include sales tax, paddles, or PFD's.

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